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painting a composite deck

Which Composite Decking Is The Best? Bend. - Webfoot

Here at Webfoot we are big fans of composite decking. For an attractive, low maintenance deck they simply can't be beat! While composite decks have a higher upfront cost than wood decks, they require far less maintenance. Wood decks need to be stained, have warped or split boards replaced, and make an inviting home .

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Can you paint a or composite decking? Asked by

There are two schools of thought that occur when a customer asks me about doing a job that seems odd, such as painting a composite deck. My first thought is to always do what the customer wants. Immediately following that, my next thought is that it is completely “hokey” and I shouldn't even entertain the idea of doing it.

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Deckover Deck Paint - Pinterest

6 Sep 2017. Behr DeckOver Review: Making An Old Deck To Look New we refurbished our 30+-year-old deck by painting it. Three years later. Introducing Rust-O-Leum Deck and Concrete Restore, a durable coating that's formulated to resurface most exterior wooden and composite deck surfaces. It's even great for .

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How to Update a Deck with Paint Decks,

Is your deck Ew? Update and refresh it with DeckOver paint! Click to see the progression of our painted deck update.

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