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3x6 roof decking code

Proposed Modification to the Florida Building pdf

Notes: 1. Uniform load deflection limitations: 1 180th of span under live load plus dead load, 1 240th live load only. Edges shall be blocked with lumber or other approved type of edge supports. 2. For composite and 4-ply plywood marked PS 1, load shall be reduced by 15 psf. 3. For composite and 4-ply wood panels, load .

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Classes A, B and C roofing required by this section to be listed shall be tested in accordance with UL 790 or ASTM E 108. Exceptions: 1.Class A roof assemblies include those with coverings of brick, masonry and exposed concrete roof deck. 2.Class A roof assemblies also include ferrous or copper shingles or sheets, metal .

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Tougue and Groove Roof Decking - American Wood pdf

ROOF DECKING. American. Forest &. Paper. Association. By downloading any file to your computer, you are accepting and agreeing to the terms of our . .. the roof while live loads provided in the building code are in terms of horizontal projection. For low slope roofs. , roof area dead loads and hori-.

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The Long and Short of Wood Roof Systems - pdf

30 Sep 2014. See IBC 2012 2304.8. • American Wood Council's Wood. Construction Data No. 2 “Tongue and Grove Roof Decking”. Lumber Decking. Code Acceptance for 2, 3 and 4 inch thick Tongue. & Groove Lumber Decking per IBC 2012 2304.8. 2x6 T&C Doug Fir. Photo Bear Creek Lumber. 3x6 Double T&G Pine.

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